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IKO Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd. Tokyo Japan takes pride in its record as Japan's number one brand in high quality needle bearings, IKO needle roller bearings are high precision bearings with a low sectional height which install needle rollers as the rolling element, the following is the features which are not found in other bearings:

  1. They have a low sectional height and can withstand large loads.
  2. They have a small rotation radius which provides a low rotation torque under equal frictional conditions, improving machinery efficiency.
  3. They are small and light, so they can keep inertia values to a minimum during operations.
  4. Compared with ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, etc., these bearings have a large number of rolling elements, the elements being long, so there is a little elastic deformation and high rigidity.
  5. The pitch of their rolling elements is relative small, so it makes these bearings ideally suited to handle oscillating movement.
  6. Caged needle roller bearings are able to withstand operation under severe conditions, such as high rotational speeds.
  7. Compared with metal bushings, these bearings do not produce uneven wear and have an extremely small friction factor of 1/10. Mounting and dismounting are simple and maintenance and protection of bearing accuracy are easy.
  8. They reduce costs and the size and weight of machinery.

The Following are the items produced by IKO, most of the items are viewed in the above image:

bearings egypt, egypt bearings, TLA SHELL TYPE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS, employ precision-drawn carburized and hardened outer rings (shell) of thin special steel sheet. in comparison to other needle roller bearings, they have the lowest sectional height and weight, yet have high basic load ratings and are simple to mount. They are low-cost bearings,so are particularly suitable for mass-production which demand economy. They may offer a wide range of application,
more specification.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, KT NEEDLE ROLLER CAGES, are cages and roller assembly having a special shape and high accuracy to guide the needle rollers precisely, so they offer excellent rotational performance. the needle roller cages incorporate needle rollers of which the diameter variation of the rollers per unit cage is extremely small, so when combined with shafts and housings suitably hardned and ground for use as raceway surfaces, the maximum running accuracy may be obtained. Furthermore as its sectional height is the same as roller diameter a reduction of sectional height is achieved through the use of these needle roller cages. As they are able to retain a considerable amount of lubricant and they are light-weight with good balance and high rigidity, they have a wide variety of applications at high speed and with shock loads, and also under other severe conditions of use.
As for the NEEDLE ROLLER CAGES FOR CONNECTING RODS, it is the excellent performance which has been proven from their use in connecting rods of racing motorcycle engines, they are also widely used in connecting rods of motorcycles, small vehicles, outboard engines, snowmobiles, multi-purpose engines, high speed compressors, etc. Bearings for connecting rode must stand severe and complicated conditions such as high temperatures, heavy shock loads, high speed limited lubrications etc. Therefore NEEDLE ROLLER CAGES FOR CONNECTING RODS have a light weight, rigid and wear-resisting cage of special alloy steel combined with high precision needle rollers, they are suited for the severe and complicated conditions, and have a high load rating, more specification.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, NA NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS, have a low sectional height and heavy load rating. as the outer ring has a stable rigidity, the bearing can be mounted into a light alloy housing without attention to the influence for inscribed circle diameter in comparison with shell type Needle Roller Bearings. There are metric and inch series and each is avaliable in full complement and cages types. Bearings can be chosen to suit many conditions such as heavy load, high- and low-speed rotation etc.
As for IKO SEPARABLE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS, they are are bearings in which an IKO NEEDLE ROLLER CAGE has been combined with the inner and outer rings. these can be easily separated respecively. as the structure is simple they are of high precision, and by choosing these parts and combining them, the radial clearance can be freely chosen, they are suited to mass production for fields which demand high precision so they are used in machine tools, textile machinery, printing machinery, etc more specification about NA and NAF.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, NAS
ROLLER BEARINGS, are bearings with a large load rating. They can take not only radial loads but also thrust loads at the end faces on the rollers and the ribs on the inner and outer rings. there are three types of bearings (caged, full complement and sealed) which can be chosen according to the conditions in which they are to be used. They are ideal for locating bearings. They are suited for heavy-duty machinary, such as construction and industrial machinary more specification.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, CF
CAM FOLLOWERS, are radial bearings with stud which have cages and needle rollers installed into the thick wall outer ring. They are easy to mount and have a small friction factor and excellent rotating performances. Caged cam followers have small radial clearances which effectively increase the loaded zone. They endure shock loads and provide a stable and long life. IKO CAM FOLLOWERS WITH ECCENTRIC STUD have an additional advantage that allows radial adjustment for precise positioning with the eccentric collar pressed onto the stud. These bearings have a wide range on uses, including in spinning and weaving machinary, conveyors, automatic machinary, packaging and farm machinery, etc.
As for the IKO ROLLER FOLLOWERS, they have a thick wall outer ring and are very rigid, being able to withstand large shock loads, both separable and non-seprable types are available the outside surface of the outer ring is divided into crowned and cylindrical types and the crowned outer ring is effective in relieving edge load, the accuracy of the outside diameter of the cylindrical outer rings conforms to the JIS standard They are of high precision and the contact area of the outside diameter is large, so they are suitable for conditions where the track surface of the companion parts is low in hardness, or where the loads is large, these bearings come in many types so there are bearings to suit all kinds of applications such as track rollers, eccentric rollers, valve rocker rollers, etc. more specification about CR and NART.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, NTB
THRUST BEARINGS, are bearings in which the radially arranged rolling elements are accurately guided by the cage. it is very right bearing which has the capacity to bear large loads in a small space. there are IKO THRUST NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS which use needle rollers as the rolling elements, and IKO THRUST ROLLER BEARINGS which use cylindrical rollers. These bearings have various washers so can be chosen for every kind of application. if the mounting surface for the bearing in the machine has been hardened and ground, and is of a high precision, it is possible to use only the cage assembly by itself, making it even more compact and able to withstand high speed and fluctuating heavy load .They are suited to use when high accuracy is required, such as in automobile driving mechanisms, machine tools, NC machinery, high pressure pumps, etc more specification.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, NAX
NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS COMBINED WITH THRUST BEARINGS, are a combination of a caged needle roller bearing for radial loads, and thrust ball bearing or a thrust roller bearing for thrust loads. they are small in size and very economical. These bearings can take a radial load and one directional thrust load at the same time. they are suitable for locating bearings. they are widely used in thread chasing machines, boring machines, multiple spindle drilling machines, etc. as well as on worm shafts.
As for the NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS COMBINED WITH ANGULAR THRUST BEARINGS, they have a low sectional height, and at high rotational speeds, they can take a large radial load and a comparatively small thrust load at the same time, they are suitable for locating bearings, by using these bearings, the entire machine becomes light in weight, they are widely used in machine tools, industrial machinery, etc. more specification about NBX and NATA.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, CRBH

CROSS ROLLER BEARINGS, the cross roller bearings are of compact structure, consisting of rollers alternaely crossed between a split outer ring and an inner ring. As the rollers and the rolling surfaces are line-contacted, elastic deformation is very little and the bearing can take complicated loads, such as radial and moment load at the same time. These bearings are widely used in industrial and construction machinery, medical equipment, industrial robots, and many other applications
more specification.

bearings egypt, egypt bearings, LME
FLAT CAGES, are compact linear motion bearings consisting of a flat cage and needle rollers. They have rollers with extremely small size variation per unit container, so when combined with suitable track races, the maximum running accuracy can be obtained. They are widely used in V-shape and flat surfaces of machine tool beds, as well as in guide rails, etc. An extremely smooth linear motion can be achived . As for the SLIDE NEEDLE BUSHINGS, they have rollers which recirculate around the periphery of the track base finished to a high precision, and perform endless linear motion, even with heavy loads, they offer stable and smooth operation with low friction and are widely used in machinery, when used in numerically controlled machine tools which require a high level of accuracy, they provide no stick-slip and little wear, so they increase the followability and repeatability on the linear motion mechanism and also increase the machines reliability.
As for the IKO LINEAR BEARINGS, they are high precision bearings which can perform endless linear motion in the axial direction while in rolling contact with the shaft, they have balls and a cage on the outer ring, and as the balls are guided accurately by the cage movement in the axial direction can be performed with only a small friction factor. these bushings are divided into many types according to their structure so can be chosen to suit the conditions of use, their wide range of use includes machine tools, office machinery, precision measuring instruments, printing machines, etc. these bushings are designed only for linear motion and not for rotitional applications IKO STROKE BALL BEARINGS are recommanded in cases where there are large loads with linear motion and mechanisms which rotate and perform linear motion.
As for the STROKE BALL BEARINGS they are compact bearings producing low friction and having a high rotating cabability which can perform reciprocating movement in the axial direction and rotation at the same time High precision balls and a light but very rigid cage are incorporated in the outer ring, the many spaces in the cage enable these bearings to hold a large amount of lubricant giving them wear resistance and low inertia, and making them suitable for abrupt rotation and reciprocating movement. These bearings are divided into open and sealed types, each of these comes in medium and heavy duty series, so the correct bearings can be chosen to suit the conditions of use. They have a wide application including use in press die-sets, printing machinery, office machines, various measuring instruments, etc. more specification about FT and LM.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, GE
SPHERICAL BUSHINGS, are self-aligning spherical plain bearings which have the inner and outer rings making contact with each sphered surface and which can take a large radial load and two directional thrust load at the same time. There are many types of IKO SPHERICAL BUSHINGS, but they are basically divided into steel-on-steel and maintenance-free types according to the kind of sliding surface. the steel-on-steel type have inner and outer rings of high carbon chromium bearing steel and the sliding surfacehasbeensphosphate-treated, and is dry-coated with molybdenum disuphide (MoS2). they can, therfore, operate with low torque, and have excellent wear resistance properties and a large load rating. they are especially suitable for applications where there is aternate load and shock load. they have a wide application mainly in industrial and construction machinery, etc .the maintenance-free type is a combination of an outer ring which has a spherical PTFE sheet fixed on the sliding surface, and a spherical inner ring whose sliding surface has a hard chromium plating. they have a long life and can be used for extended periods of time without re-lubrication. they are especially suitable in cases where fixed directional loads are to be taken and are used mainly in foodprocessing machines and construction machinery and other fields where the use of oil is undesirable and where lubrication is not possible. more specification
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, PHS
PILLOBALLS, are small size self-aligning spherical plain bearings which can take radial loads and two-directional thrust at the same time. the sliding surface of the hardened and high precision finished spherical inner ring is contacted with special copper alloys or special die-cast alloys, so smooth rotation and oscillating movement can be achieved. These bearings also have excellent wear resistanceproperties and can take heavy loads. They are suitable for all kinds of controlling mechanisms in machine tools, textile, farm and packing machinery, and also for link mechanisms.
As for IKO L-BALL, they are self-aligning rod-ends consisting of a special die-cast alloy body and a studded ball which has its axis at right-angles to the body. They can perform tilting movement, oscillating movement and rotation with low torque and transmit power smoothly due to the fixed clearance at the sliding surface, they have a long stable life due to their wear resistance properties maintainance and protection of accuracy is simple and they are very economical ,For these reasons they are widely used in link mechanisms such as in automobles, construction, farm and packaging machinery, etc. more specification about POS and LHSA.
bearings egypt, egypt bearings, LRT
INNER RINGS, are heat-treated then ground to a high precision finish. Normally, in the case of needle roller bearings, the shaft is heat-treated then ground and used as the raceway surface, but when the surface can not bemanufactured to the prescrbed hardness, thses inner rings are used. Inner rings come in many varieties, so when the shaft moves in the axial direction, or when the seals are required on both sides of the bearing, a wider inner ring can be selected. As there is a little tapered chamfer or a small chamfer on both ends of the inner ring raceway surface, even if the inner and outer rings are mounted to the shaft and housing separately, the assembling of them is simple. these inner rings can also be used as bushings without additional works, so they are very economical more specification.
  • SEALS FOR NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS, have a low sectional height and consist of a sheet metal ring and a special synthetic rubber. As thses seals are manufactured to the same sectional height to IKO NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS, by fitting them directly to the sides of combinable bearings, grease leakages and the penetration of foreign partiales can be effectively prevented. When fitting seals to needle roller bearings with inner rings, wider inner rings. As for teh CIR-CLIPS FOR NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS which have been specially designed for needle roller bearings on which in many cases, normal cir-clips can not be used, they have a low sectional height and are very rigid, they are made of spring steel and are phosphate-treated, there are cri-clips for shafts and for bores, and they are used for positioning to prevent bearings movement in the axial direction.
    As for the NEEDLE ROLLERS, they are High carbon chromium bearings steel is used for IKO NEEDLE ROLLERS, they are rigid and highly accurate and are finished to a hardness of HrC 60 to 66 and a surface roughness of less than Rmax 0.4, these needle rollers are widely used for rolling elements for bearings, as well as for pins and shafts.
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