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IKO THRUST BEARINGS are available in the various types shown in the following table.

Table 1 Bearing type
Thrust nedddle
roller bearing
(Cage assembbly)
Washer Thrust roller bearing

Thrust needle roller bearing
these bearing are a combintion of an accurately pressed steel plate cage with a hardened surface and needle rollers with a diameter variation per unit container of less than 2 um. They have the rigid structure and the pockets for lubricating oil. They have the lowest sectional height among thrust bearing so if substituted for conventional metal thrust washers, they display a low friction factor and can withstand high rotational speeds. There are thin shaft washers (WS), housing washers (GS) and ultra-thin(1 mm) thrust washer (AS) for the bearing rings, and they can be frelly combined to suit the purpose. These bearing are normally used with inner surface guides.

Thrust roller bearing
These bearing come in the complete bearing (AZ series) and the cage assembly (AZK series) The complete bearing is composed of cage and clyindrical roller assembly (AZK series) shaft washer (WS series) and housing washer (GS series). The cage has a special precise structure and the very rigid, and the radailly arranged cylindrical roller are guided by thecage. They can withstand heavyloads at high rotational speeds. Especially, the accuracy of the height H is high and these bearing are suitable for use in machine tools, super high-pressure pumps, etc. If, due to conditionsof use, only either one of thrust washers is used, please mention this when ordering.

Accuracy standard
The accuracy of IKO THRUST BEARINGS conforms to the JIS standard
as shown in table 2.

Over inch High Low HighLow
- 50 +100 0 0 -300
50 100 +200 0 0 -400
100 200 +300 0 0 -500
200 300 +500 0 0 -700
300 400 +700 0 0 -1000
400 500 - - 0 -1200
The recommended fit for IKO THRUST BEARINGS is as shown in table 3.
Type Tolerance class
Shaft Housing
Thrust needle roller
cage assembly
NTB h8 (H10) -
Thrust washer AS
Housing washer GS - H7 (H9)
Shaft washer WS h6(h8) ( )
Thrust roller
AZ H7 (H9)
    Care must be teken to the following points when mounting IKO THRUST BEARINGS :
  1. The recawy surface when the thrust washers are not used must have a surface roughness of less than Ramx 1.6, surface hardness of HRC58 to 64,and an appropriate effctive hardening depth must be ensured. Especially during running, there is a smoll amount of sliding on the roller track surface due to differences in peripheral speed, but if the surface is super-finshed, a stable bering performance can be attaied.
  2. When mounting the thrust washers to the shaft or housing bore, the shoulder diameter of the mounting part must be more than 1/2 that of the sectional height of the bearing, that is D-d/2 and the parts must be of sufficient rigidty.
  3. In order to prevent elastic deformation, the side of the thrust washer (AS series) must come in even contact across the whole surface of the companion parts. If thrust lode is brought to bear, any sight warping of the thrust washer (AS series) will be corrected.

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