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IKO ROLLER BEARING are divilable in the various types shown in the following table.

Table 1 Bearing type
Type Caged Full complement For sheave
Open NAU 49
NAG 49 -
Sealed NAU 49...UU
NAG 49...UU NAS 50 ...UUNR
Shielded - - NAS 50...ZZNR
Caged roller bearing
These bearing are suitable for high-speed rotationin place Where there is a fluc- tuating load. There is a rather large distance betweenthe double row rollers so their structure is very suitable for moment loads. There are oil holes and oil grooves in all outer ring with the exception of those below 4903 of the dimension series 49.

Full complement roller bearing
These bearing are suitable for heavy loads in places where there is oscillating movement and low-speed rotation. Like caged roller bearing, the structure of full complement roller bearing is very suitable for moment loade.
Also, like caged roller bearing, there are oil holes and oil grooves in all outer ring with the exception of those below 4903 of the dimention series 49.

Sealed roller bearing
There are sealed roller bearing and full complement roller bearing and they have two seale. The synthetic rubber lips are very effective against dust penetration and can grease leakage. Good quality lithium soap best grease is packed for lubriction and can be used within a temperature range of -20 to + 120° C.

Roller bearing for sheaves
These are bearing designed for sheaves. They are full complement double row bearing with a low sectinl height. There are to types-sealed bearing and shielded bearings. At comparatively low rotationl speeds, they can withstand heavy radail and shock load and can also take thrust load. The bearing can readail be fixed into sheaved by means of the cir-clips on the outer rings. The width of the inner rings is a little wider than that of the outer rings, so there is no need to used spacers between the sheaves.The moment caused by the position changes of the cable is borne by the double row rollers. The bearing have corrosion resistance properties due to the surface treatment. Good quality lithium soap best grease is packed for lubrication and can be used within a temperature range of -20 to +120°C.

Accuracy standard
The inner ring of IKO CAGED and FULLCOMPLEMENT ROLLER BEARING is combined with a losse rib on one side and with exception of this rib,the bearing are manufactured to JIS standard. However, the dimensional tolearnce of IKO ROLLER BEARING FOR SHEAVES shows the value before surface teatment.

NAS 50 series is manufactured so that there are correct running clearances when it is mounted with the prescribed fit. Other bearings are manufactured with normal clearances .

Fit for the shaft and housing bore is shown
Fit of Rollew bearing for sheaves is shown in Table 2

Table 2 Fit of Roller Bearing for Sheaves
Shaft Housing bore
g6 N7
Thrust load copacity
The thrust load capacity is proporationate to the area of the contact surface of the sidesof the roller which operate on the guide ribs of the inner and outer rings, and is determined by the amount of heat generated at the sliding contact surface between the sides of the rollers and the ribs. Its life is goveaned by the load conditions, sliding speed, lubrication and the method, etc. The thrust load capcity of IKO ROLLER BEARING varies accordingto the methods of lubrication, the load conditions and the bearing series. The thrust load capacity is, therefore, attained by the formula mentioed below When the thrust load is too large compared to radial load, the smooth rolling movement is interfered, so the maximum thrust load CA max should be 0.2 Fr

Table 3 Bearing series factor
Bearing series a
NAS 50 1
NAG 49 0.78
NAU 49 TRU 0.7
IKO CAGED and FULL COMPLEMENT ROLLER BEARING are different from other needle bearing and they are non-separable . As described in Article 9.2 (mounting), care must be taken that pressure is applied only to the bearing rings on the press-fit side when press-fitting. After press-fitting, place the inner ring against the shaft shouler, fasten it with mounting nust and secure it in the axial direction . J and K shown in the dimensiontable are sizes recommended for the shaft and housing shoulders. In the case of roller bearing for shaves, after press-fitting the outer ring to the shaves, fasten it with cit-clips then secure the inner ring firmly in the axial direction.

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