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IKO SEPARABLE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS are available in the various
types shownin the followingtable.

Table 1 Bearing type
Single row(1) Double row(2)
without inner ring with inner ring without inner ring with inner ring

Separable needle roller bearings without inner ring

These bearings have tow types of single and double row on the same sectional height. The most suitable can thus be chosen according to the load conditions. The dimensional tolerance of the inscribed circle diameter dr is manufactured to F6 tolerance and, as shown in Article the desired radial cleaeance can be attained by combining hardened and ground shaft with the bearing.

Separable needle roller bearings with inner ring

These bearings are manufactured with normal clerance. When especially high precision is recuired, it is possible to supply bearings which have a grinding allowance to permit a grinding finish on the outside diameter of the inner ring after having had the inner ring press-fitted to the shaft.

Accuracy standard

IKO SEPARABLE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS are manufactured to JIS standard The dimensional tolerance F6 of the inscribed circle diameter dr of IKO SEPARABLE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS WITHOUT INNER RINGS is shown


When mounting IKO SEPARABLE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS, it is necessary to position in the axial direction of the needle rooler cage. The needle roller cage is generally guided by the stepped part of the shaft and housing, or by the side washers. The huide surfaces must be hardened and ground and be at right-angles to the axis og the shaft. The values in Table 2 are recommended for the dimensionsof the bearing mounting barts.

Table 2
Inscribed circle
diameter dr
e f k j

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