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IKO LINEAR BUSHINGS are available in the variouus types showen in the following tables.

Table 1 Bushing type
Series / Type Standard
Open type
Metric Without seal LM LM...AJ LM...OP
One seal LM...U LM...U AJ LM...U OP
Two seals LM...UU LM...UU AJ LM...UU OP
Without seal LME LME...AJ LME...OP
One seal LME...U LME...U AJ LME...U OP
Two seals LME...UU LME...UU AJ LME...UU OP
Inch Without seal LMB LMB..AJ LMB..OP

Standard type linear bushings

These types of bushings are the most commonly used, and they are divided into high and precision classes. Besides those with pressed steel cages, ther are also bushings with plastic cages which are light-weight, low-noies and have excellent lubrication qualities. The highest permissible temperature for plastic cages is 100°C, but is 80°C when the bushings are used for long periods at a time.

Adjustable clearance type linear bushings
These bushings have a longitudinal slot on the outer ring, thus allowing adjustment of the clearance.If this bushing is mounted to a housing which can adjust inside diameter, the radail clearance can be chosen freely withpur the need to choose the fit and per-load can be easily applied.
As the standard type linear bushings, these also come in types with plastic cages.

Open type linear bushings
These are bushing removeed one ball circuit longitudinally.
To prevent deflection of long driving shaft they can be strengthened by shaft supports corresponding to the lost width (one ball circuit removed)(h1) showen in the dimension table. Also, clearance adjustment is possible.

Sealed linear bushings
These bushing have one or two seales. The special synthetic number seal is very effective in preventing penetration of foreign particles into the bushing, and maintains the accuracy of the bushing.
The highest premissible temperature of the seal is 120°C.

Accuracy standard
The accuracies for IKO LINEAR BUSHINGS are shown in the dimension table. There are two classes for LM and LMB series on the accuracy; viz. high and precision. Precision class in indicated by a 'P' after the bushing number.
For the accuracies of IKO ADJUSTABLE CLEARANCE TYPE LINEAR BUSHINGS and IKO OPEN LINEAR BUSHINGS, the values before cutting the outer ring are shown.

If an adjustable clearance type and an open type linear bushing are mounted into a housing which can adjust outside diameter of outer ring, clearance adjustment is very simple.
However, if there is too large a clearance adjustment, outer ring deformation will increase. causing a shortening of the bushing life. Therefore, it is recommendedto adjust for no-clearances or slightly pre-loaded ststes under the recommended shaft tolearance Adjustment of the clearance can be carried out while measuring the clearances with a dial gauge, but usually it is done by rotating the sheft with no load and stopping the adjustment when slight resistance occurs. At this time, little or no per-load is being applied to the bushing. When open type linear bushings have three ball circuits, there can be clearance adjustment.

The recommended fit for IKO LINEAR BUSHINGS is shown in table 2. For the fit to the housing bore, normal clearance fit is usually employed and for special pruposes, transition fit is sometimes used. For adjustable clearance and open type linear bushings, the shaft diameter may be slightly less than the lowest bushing inscribed circle diameter tolearance, and the housing bore dimensions may be slightly more than the highest bushing outside diameter tolearance.

Table 2 Fit
Type Classification Sahft Housing bore
LM LMB Highf6,g6h6h7J7
Precisionf5, g5h5H6J6
LME - h6 j6 H7 j7

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