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IKO L-BALLS are available in the various types shown in the following table.
Table 1 Type
L-ball(1) Dusr cover
for L-ball
L-balls LHSA
There are compact rod-ends which have the spherical part of the studded ball held by the special die-cast zinc alloy body. There is a dust cover on the stud side and good quality lithium soap base grease is backed. They can berun for a long period of time without re-lubrication and have execellent lubrication and anti-dust properties. They highest serviceable temperature is 120°C. These rod-ends are divided into 3 types, according to size.
LHSA 4 incorporates a press-formed low carbon steel bushand does not have a dust cover.rod-ends of
LHSA 5 and upwards have a copper alloybush combined with the sliding surface and come with dust cover.
LHSA 8 and upwards have the dust cover fixed to the body. The ball studes of LHSA 10 and downwards are solidly formed, but those of LHSA 12 and upwards, which are used under larger loads, are friction-welded to the high precision steel ball to gave the greater resistance to wear.

L-balls LHS
As shown in these rod-ends have the stud friction-welded to the high precision steel ball and the special die-cast zinc alloy body houses the sphrical surface. There is almost complete contact across the sliding surface, and its fixed clearance guarantees stable bearing life. The highest servicable temperature is 120°C.
If an L-ball dust cover is attached and the rod-ends are lubricated withlithium soap grease, they can run for long periods of time without re-lubrication. These rod-ends have excellent lubrication and anti-dust properties.

L-balls dust cover
This is the IKO L-BALL, LHS series. Itis made of a special synthetic rubber which has execellent resistance to oil and ozone. The highest serviceable temperature is 120°C The cover offers very effective dust protection and prevents grease leaks.

Accuracy standard
The accuracies for IKO L-BALLS are shown in table 2.
Table 2 Dimensional tolerances
Type Part Symbol Tolerance
LHSA Length to bottom of neck e1 +0.5
Diameter to bottom of neck V 0
LHS Length to bottom of neck e1 +0.4
Diameter to bottom of neck V h9
Selection guide
The selection guide for IKO L-BALLS is as follows.
(1) The sttic load capacity Cs shown in the dimension table expresses the mechanical strength F when, as illustrated bending moment is brought to bear at section 'A' of the ball stud. If F increasesbeyond the static load capacity and further bending moment is taken, deformation will begin at 'A' leading to breakage. When load function is the Fdirection, it is necessary to take the bending stress on the fixed bolt in the body into account
(2) It is recommended that the depth of thread engagement into the body should be more than twice the nominal diameter of the thread.
(3) When these rod-ends are used in high or low temperature atmospheres, when there is shock load, or when they must take repeating load over long periods of time, it is necessary to take the strength of the body into account. Please contact IKO for further information.
(4) The permissible engle of tilt is shown in Table 3.

Table 3 Permissible engle of tilt a
Nominal No.LHSALHS
4 15-
5 1715
6 1717
8 1818
16- 20
18- 21
20- 20
22- 21

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