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IKO NEEDLE ROLLER CAGES are divided into two types; viz. single row and double row, the letter being indicated by a 'W'at the end of the type code.A split type can be also manfactured for which installation of a complete cage is impossoble. Please contact IKO for further information. Needle roller cages for connecting rods of engine (KT...EG, KTV...EG) are described.

Accuracy standard

Tolerances for the diameter of their needle rollers are specified according to the classification symbols in Table 1. Either of the standard classification rollers will be supplied when classification symbol sdesired is not indicated. When two or more cages are to be used togther on the same shaft, they must have the same classification symbol to ensure thr best possible lode distribution.

Table 1 Diameter variation of needle rollers
Specifications Classification
(2)Tolerance group
Standard B2
0 ~ -2
-2~ -4
-4 ~ -6
-6~ -8
Radial clearances of IKO NEEDLE ROLLER CAGES are deteemined according to the finished accuracy of the raceway surfaces and needle rollers.The recommended fits for various operating conditions are shown in Table 2
Receway surface
A surface hardness of HR C 58 to 64 and a surface roughness of less than Rmax 0.8 is desirable. When opreating conditions are not critical, a roughness of less than Rmax 3.2 is permissible. When surface hardness is low, the calulation for bearing lift must be adjusted with the hardness factors.
Table 2 Recommended shaft fit in relation
to housing bore diameter G6
Operating conditions \ Shaft diameter dr < 68 dr > 68
Use in location where high accuracy
is required
Use underconditions of shock load or
oscillating movement
j5 h5
General use h5 g5
Use at high temberitures or where
ther are large misalignment on
g6 f6
IKO NEEDLE ROLLER CAGES are positioned in the axile direction as shown with the use of cir-clips for shaft or bore (WR, AR), etc.
when used with high rotational speeds, a hardened and ground spacer is inserted between cage and cir-clip to prevent the cage coming into contect with the cir-clip directly. In this case, the cir-clips are normally fitted to the non-rotating component.

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