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IKO INNER RINGS are available in the various types shown in the following tables.

Table 1.1 Inner rings for shell types needle roller bearing
Series Combinable bearings
Metric IRT TA...Z, TLA...Z, YT, TAM, TLAM, YTL

Table 1.2 Inner rings for needle roller bearing
Series Combinable bearings
Metric LRT RNA 49, RNA 69, RNA 48, TAF, TR, RNAF, NAX, NBX
LRTZ RNA 49...UU, RNA 69...UU, GTR
Inch (1)LRB BR

Accuracy standard
The tolerances and accuracies for IKO INNER RINGS are manufactured to conform to JIS class 0 standard. Of the inner rings for the for the needl roller bearing inch series, LRB series are manufactored to ANSI standards. The tolerances for the raceway diameter of IKO INNER RINGS FOR SHELL TYPE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS when combined with IKO SHELL TYPE NEEDLE ROLLER BEARINGS, are manufactured to from acuurate radial clearances. On the other hand, they are manufactured to from normal clearancesin the case IKO INNER RINGS FOR NEEDLE ROLLER BEARING used with combinable bearings. LRB series are manufactured to from the clearances shown When clearances other than normal are required, or accuracies other than JIS class 0, please contact IKO.

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