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IKO FLAT CAGES are available in the various types shown the following table.

Table 1 Bearing type
Single rowDouble row
Single row flat cages
There are bearings with cages made of steel or plastic from FT 2010 to FT 3525. All others are made of steel.
(1) Steel cages
These can be used for a wide variety of running conditions such as high reciprocating speeds and severe temperature conditions. It is also possible to manufacture jointed flat cages, i.e,bearing wich have been joined together to increase length. Please contact IKO further information.
(2) Plastic cages
These produce very little noies and can be used with almost no lubrication. They are use in precision measuring instruments, electronicequipment, etc. The highest permissible temperature is 100°C, but is 80°C when used for long period at time. These bearings can be easily joined due to the dovetails at both ends. These bearings are identified. by an 'N' after their nominal number.

Double row angle type flat cages
The cage is made of steel and at an angle of 90°, and is applicable for90° V-shape grooves of the mchine beds. As steel single row flat cages, jointed flat cages can be manufactured.Please contact IKO for further information.

Accuracy standard
The tolerances for the roller dimeter of IKO FLAT CAGES are specified according to the classification symbols in Table 2. Normally, when no symbol is indicated, either of the standard classification roller in Table 2 will be supplied. To achieve correct load distribution during use, it is nacessary to cambine bearing with the same classification symbol.

Table 2 Roller classification
Specifications Symbol(1) Tolerance group(²)
Standard B2 0 ~ -2
B4-2 ~ -4
B6-4 ~ -6
B8-6 ~ -8
A1 0 ~ -1
A2 1 ~ -2
A3-2 ~ -3
A4-3 ~ -4
A5-4 ~ -5
A6-5 ~ -6
Cautions in use
(1)A raceway surface hardness of HRC58 to 64 and a surface roughness of less than Rmax 0.8 is preferred. If the hardness of the raceway surface is low, the hardness factors on Page 16 must be taken into account.
(2)When using these bearings in V-shap and flat surfacees on machine beds, FT and FT...A are installed after a complete fit-in as shown in Fig.1. Table 3 shown these combinations.
(3)The traveling distance of flat cage is 1/2 of the traveling distance of track base, so this linear movement is restricted by the lengthof the track base.

Table 3 IKO FLAT CAGE combinations for V-shape
and flat surface
tion No.
Flat surface V-shape surface
Nominal No. Da Nominal No. Da
1FT 4030 4 FTW 4030VA 2.828
2FT 4035 4 FTW 4030VA 2.828
3FT 5038 5 FTW 5035VA 3.535
4FT 5043 5 FTW 5035VA 3.535
5FT 10060V 7.071 FTW 5045VA 5
6FT 10060V 7.071 FTW 5050VA 5
7FT 10080 10 FTW 10070VA 7.071
8FT 200100V14.142FTW 10095VA 10
9FT 200120 20 FTW 200120VA 14.142

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